[episode 3] Daily, discover a new character

Portraits de Dandu, Mémé, Mokatjoi et Mutambo

The Himba of my village are not affected too much by westernization and the passage of tourists. They are far from Opuwo and are lucky enough to be protected from the sudden and degrading visits imposed by westerners who are looking for exoticism and who can sometimes be rude.

After having spent my first night in the hut which had been made for me, Waponwa asked me to film her while she was singing a traditional song. Being a very shy young girl, she is generally impassive and hides herself behind her two plaits, which means that she is not yet a woman according to the tradition. Her smile, her mirth and her uneasiness are an extraordinary present. I am surprised she offers it to me so soon as I have been preparing this day for many weeks.

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