[episode 1] Have you ever thought of what your greatest dream would be?

Vie dans un village Himba

I don’t mean a beautiful car or a new house. Forget about “happiness” or “peace in the world”. I mean a very personal answer even a selfish one.The answer which if you had to leave the earth tomorrow would seem to justify your passing on the earth. The chances of life have given me the opportunity to ask myself that question and to sum up my answer in three parts:

  • Meeting people I would never have met,
  • Finding myself in places where I should never have been,
  • Performing activities I could never have imagined.

I invite you to follow me in the first adventure of my most crazy dream. I mean going onto an unknown continent in a country I couldn’t even have spotted on the map and meeting people poles apart from the technological way of life in which I have always been.

This continent is Africa, the country is Namibia and the Himba are the people who will host me in their village called Kongonda.

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