[episode 6] Pedophilia, espionage, nothing is spared

Vaches dans le village Himba

During the first weeks, I experiment what being a stranger represents and I can feel the mistrust of the local population. I am suspected of being a spy or a paedophile. Hardly have I woken up from my first night when two policemen come and take me to the police station. I stay there for half a day, answering very personal questions such as “why aren’t you married?”, “how long will you wait till you have children?”, “what is your religion?” They let me out and explain to me that all this was only made to get acquainted. In fact I realize that all these answers are recorded in a file. When I point out that these kinds of questions are not allowed in my country, they answer that when you are a policeman you have any rights. My citizen conscience has increased that particular day. And yet I had informed the traditional and governmental authorities of my presence in the area. Still, these policemen have travelled two hours to get me.

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