[episode 10] How a woman push their belly after a pregnancy?

Makatjoia et Mokwena

As I have decided to stop feeding the social network, I feel more and more cut off from the western world and I can live the daily life fully. First the solar rhythm. Activity starts at sunrise whatever the time may be. As early as four o’clock in the morning in some seasons. Sometimes we go to bed before eight in the evening.

The heat determines physical activity. By hot afternoons, people enjoy chatting and gossiping. One day, Mémé and Mokatjoia ask me how women do in my country manage to push their belly inside after a pregnancy. I find myself lying down showing them how to exercise their stomach muscles. Mémé looks at me appalled and seems exhausted by the mere thought of it. They use a large belt that they tighten as much as necessary. I caught them a few days later trying to do the exercises …

Seasons are also very important. Summer means wet season bringing wild fruit and a few vegetables such as spinach which they love. Despite the heat, summer is very pleasant with vitamins and starchy food thanks to millet flour or maize flour.

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